Hello.  I’m based in Portland, Oregon and I look forward to photographing you.

Meghan Hof

You are in the right place if you’re looking for:

-a photographer who captures the connection and love between you and your loved ones

-a photographer who takes the time to create portraits that feel like you

-a photographer who choses just the right moment to pause a moment in time

I believe fully in the power of love and the power of photography to hold onto that love forever.

(Here’s the 3 who will have my love forever- my husband and my two girls)

-messy hair- running barefoot in the grass-wearing only undies because it’s summer-

MeghanHof-Week21-A Summer Evening Colorado

I give my heart and soul to every person I work with and create the perfect environment to let who you are and how you feel about your love ones to shine through.

The result is photographs that make your heart sing, bring tears to your eyes and capture this moment in time forever.


I would like to give that to you.

It would be an honor.